Tradie Wipes

Tradie Cleanup Wipes

SKU: GAW00004

Great Aussie TRADIE wipes are extra large textured wipes designed to clean up hands and surfaces for all types of construction trades, helping to remove tough and stubborn residues including adhesives, sealants, bitumen, grease, paint, oils, fillers and coatings. Made from super tough plant-based fibres, these biodegradable wipes can be placed into green bins (without solid residues) or general waste. Will not scratch surfaces such as glass and metal during the clean-up process.

Key Features

  • Removes sealant and coating residue
  • Cleans tools and surfaces
  • Safe on hands

100% Compostable

Hand Safe


Where to use?
  • Dirty hands, arms and legs
  • Back of car tray/utility van
  • Clean up residues on surfaces on a building site