Grease and Auto

Grease/Auto Grime Wipes

SKU: GAW00005

Great Aussie GREASE & GRIME wipes are jumbo sized heavy duty textured wipes designed to clean up hands, tools and surface in a range of industrial and automotive applications. Removes grease, oil, lubricants, grime, dirt, carbon black, paint, sealants and general automotive/industrial workshop residue.

Made from super tough plant-based fibres, these biodegradable wipes can be placed in green bins (without solid residue) or general waste. Will not scratch surfaces such as glass and metal during clean-up process.

Key Features

  • Scratch free on metal and glass
  • Removes old residue
  • Hand Safe

100% Compostable

Hand Safe


Where to use?
  • Grease and Grime associated with automotive
  • Dirty hands and tools
  • Floor or surfaces that have residue