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We got tired of watching the environmental hazard caused by imported wet wipes into Australia. Each year more than 25,000 tonne of plastic finds its way into landfill from imported wet wipes, generating thousands of carbon tonnage just to get foreign made wet wipes into Australia. So, time to make a change…time for GREAT AUSSIE WIPES.

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WET WIPES IS WHAT WE DO. As part of The Hygiene Co. group, GREAT AUSSIE WIPES are manufactured in Australia at our standalone automated facility with medical level quality processes. From our labs to the production lines, we develop, innovate and manufacture wipes in soft packs, canisters, bulk tubs and refills with a wet wipe for every home and workplace.

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Plant based wipes are proven to be substantially more environmentally friendly than plastic-based wipes. From an environmental impact, the GREAT AUSSIE WIPES range being compostable, plastic free AND manufactured in Australia is estimated to be > 53% less greenhouse gas-intensive than imported wet wipes reducing carbon emissions from: freight; from overseas production; and from reduced landfill. ADVANTAGE AUSTRALIA!

Reducing landfill, looking after locals and helping our economy